Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/11 Characters!

It has been a good week! I absolutely loved conference. It has been a little bit slower these last two weeks, but things are coming. I really feel like we are putting all we can into our lessons and doing what we can, but we are still lacking in the new investigator category again, and are working with several members to bring friends to church. Our Elders Quorum activity is looking like it is going to bring some success. We are doing what we can, and praying the Lord will pick up the other side.
As a companionship we are doing well, Elder Da is still having pain as we have been working to get this figured out which has effected his desire to speak I feel. We were together quite a good amount this week. It seems like it is just the week and a half of MLC that we have so many meetings and so are forced to do exchanges to facilitate the work. So these upcoming weeks should not cause any problems. Trying to keep hopes and faith up with his language and jaw. His language skills have escalated so much in the past months. I tell him, but I am not doing well enough. He is the best companion I could ever ask for. I love him so much. He has taught me so many things, and I can't be grateful enough for my time I get to spend with him. 
The Zone is doing quite well, we seem to be struggling as a whole in finding new people to teach and most numbers seem to have taken a small dip these past two weeks and I am not sure why. Really hoping and praying the Lord can assist Elder S and I to know what we need to teach tomorrow. To keep the work progressing. I feel like there is a lot that we can improve in. 
Conference was amazing. A-Y and Brother C both came for two sessions, the ward has really taken over Brother C and I love it. Inviting him among many things. Our investigators, however how small the pool is, has really taken a large leap in progression these last two weeks
As well I started characters this week! Really quite fun, and I enjoy being able to read some of the text, and not feel like a disobedient missionary if I look too long at the characters haha. 
I  LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Wish us luck at zone training tomorrow.

   Elder Sargent

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