Thursday, April 7, 2016

4/4 Bone Spoon

The biggest wasp i have ever seen that interupted comp study... I GOT IT! scariest thing ever.

Ever seen a conquered world?

Nature Walk

Where to begin. This last week has been moderately crazy. I believe I spent 24 waking hours with my actaul companion haha, and it looks like the upcoming week will be the exact same. This really has been a testing time for Elder Da and Elder Ch, as well as for our areas. It was pretty hard to keep scheduling people, visit members and all such. So we didn't teach as must as we would have liked to. However, many members took it up, and we didn't teach some of the times we normally would have. We had several activities this week, that had a great turnout. Had great fellowshipping and things went great. Even though the week was rough, it came out on a very good note. Elder Da and I taught combined Priesthood about missionary work! Which involves home teaching and serving our fellow ward members. Did some role playing and it was good to see so many enjoy it and have a turn in enthusiasm. Our commitment was to give a copy of the Book of Mormon away in two weeks. Then in sacrament, Bishop mentioned it and so did another Brother. It was amazing! Sad to see a few who still refused, but they will adjust.
I have really pondered about how to progress the ward. Our relationship, the work, everything.  My answer was simple because it came from the MLC topic, working with ward leaders. We need to get a better relationship with our Bishop and get things started from there. So I bore testimony of supporting our priesthood leaders with upcoming General Conference, but not just the Apostles, but down to the Stake President and the Bishop. He gave a strong testimony of missionary work before I went up. Then we hiked with several of the members we don't have a super strong relationship with today (including Pres. T and the Bishop). As well, got most all of them scheduled for dinner (I this week decided to overcome my fear of asking someone if I can eat at their house haha). The work is good. Brother P just got a new job and asked his employer if he could have Sunday off, but it was a negative. So he is now looking for another job. Really trying to find some more solid new investigators. Been lacking recently.
The Zone is well, looking forward to zone training, have our two ideas we are quite excited about. We plan on having several stake and ward leaders attend and talk about the work. As well, implemented the new numbers system for the districts, which is quite fluid.
The pictures of Elder Da... hahahahahahahaha funniest experience of my mission but I didn't think he would ever talk to me again. We had a member sister take us to meet a friend or two, happened to be Master L and his assistant, where she learns ancient Chinese medicine (that's right pops, I am coming home and I will know the REAL ancient Chinese medicine). Well, while Master L was working on someone, I mentioned to Sis. La that Elder Da had a jaw problem... bad idea. It all happened so fast! Next thing we knew he was pretty much in a coma! Kidding, but almost. She shoved her hands in his mouth and yanked his head around, twisted him in a pretzel, wouldn't let him get away as he cried "It hurts" in his cute Philipino voice. haha Right when he thought he was done and we were going to eat, (Imagine him crawling away) Master L set into him, used the Bone spoon (I don't know what that is in english sorry...) aw man I was dying. Just a funny story for you all. Fun stuff you do to your companions.
   Elder Sargent

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