Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4/18 Quick Summary

It has been a good week, still in a little bit of a slump, but we are on our way out. We have several potentials that are looking up this week. Hope to pick up some new investigators, as well find some new potentials. Most have just been from being out and about as we still haven't had much time to go finding. Brother Chow is still progressing, and we are looking to really press about baptism next time we see him. We talked about it a little on Sunday, we talk about it overtime, but need to really press the importance. Smoking is still his problem. A-Yun is still quite flaky. He came to General Conference and we had a powerful lesson on Friday with Brother Luk, and he said he would come, but no show. Can't decide how to really help him. He says he believes and does all we ask, but just won't come to church. Peter Poon is also well, he talked with his boss about having Sunday off and he got it! It doesn't start till next month, but hey, it's a start. So he should be set here soon. Our other investigators and less actives are doing well and we have seen so many miracles this week in finding and teaching them! 
As a companionship, we are doing well. Looking to tomorrow to see how Elder Daplins jaw is, he is nervous. We hope and pray all will turn out ok. We are going forward with faith. I have also slacked on really helping his teaching and speaking skills, which I have decided to really pick up on this week. So I accept the blame if there are inadequacies in our teaching. We need to be much better at following up and teaching on a more 50/50 basis. Sometimes I just get talking too much. We are constantly seeking to improve. Most of our lessons are with members in homes and he is quite good at maintaining that when it is him in charge. I myself, am striving to be better at meeting members, which we have been seeing immense success in. Has really helped out quite a lot. 
The Zone; doing well. We are also in a slump. Zone training was quite good last week, I absolutely loved it and we heard quite a few good reports on being able to hear from the ward and stake leaders. I thought it was quite a boost, and I am so grateful that they took time out of their day to come. Sad to lose Sister Takahashi and Sister Taylor, as well as Elder Dale soon, they will be missed dearly. I sure do love and look up to them. We had very few new investigators last week, and our MP to OL ratio was not really where we would like it to be for several areas, hope to work with the individual districts in getting members more involved and seeking to find more people to bring into the teaching pool. 
Loving life out here, can't believe how fast the time goes. Just can't believe it. Summer is here, it's hot and humid. Rained all week, been in the 80's with 100% humidity. Tuesday was the most fun during exercise I have ever had, no one on the soccer court and Elder Shipp and I had a great time playing soccer, and there was no on there because it was 'Autumn' rain! There was so much water we just slid around and would penguin slide after a pretty goal. Couldn't hardly see it was going down so hard. I love it. Missionary work, or... well I don't know. Just missionary work folks. Get involved. We all signed up and it's on the ticket requirements to the Celestial Kingdom, so let's get to work!
Love Elder Sargent

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