Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4/25 Update

Where to start. What a great Stake Conference! I absolutely loved it. Elder Wong (of the 70, the one that spoke in Cantonese at conference) had many things, as well as the other speakers, that influenced me. One is that there is good, better, best. As well, we have been doing a good work, but there is more. I don't think that I have been giving all I can. I feel like I have, at times, seen excuses or other reasons for not seeing the success I desire to see. As we talked during our Zone Training planning meeting, I really came to realize that I was just pushing down desires due to not seeing the results we desired. I feel like we often do this in life when sometimes things don't go the way we would like them to.
The area is doing great. We were able to schedule a few potentials and hopefully get them moving through, several have great potential. We, as well, were able to contact a great less-active named Ch that has just taken off! We met last week, then he came to english class and FHE, then we went with him and some members to stake conference. After he and the Bishop talked for a half an hour, then he hit it off with some other members on the piano (he plays the piano, violin, guitar, harmonica, and has perfect pitch... wow), he is a dime. Then on the way home he said he has a friend that wants to take the discussions and well, that he wants to go on a mission!!! So we are so glad the Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to meet Ch. Several investigators are seeing huge progress as well. A-Y came to conference and Brother P will be at church starting this month. He would like to be baptized ASAP, so at the end of the month. What we do have is doing very well, we will continue to look for others. Brother Hung should be reactivated soon and Brother L got out of the hospital and was at conference too! So we are just excited beyond measure to see these miracles all week long.

As for Elder Da, he will be having surgery next week on his jaw, 4 days in the hospital! Pretty impressive. He is pretty nervous so keep him in your prayers please.

Transfers are tomorrow, I believe the Heywood/Ritchie family has a cousin coming in... Maybe I will see him!

Elder Wong really quite smashed the congregation. I think it pertains world wide, but he talked a lot about our sacrament observance. Are we on our phones? Get off them. Even down to children distracting and what we can do to optimize our capability to feel the Spirit as well as not detract from others. He also talked about pride, which is another world wide problem. Get rid of it. He said it with power and authority of an authorized representative of Christ. FONGDAIH LEIHGE GIUNGOUH. That's how it is. I apologize, my english is garbage now. I can't write to save my life. Love you all!
Elder Sargent
I love Missionary work!!
I apologize for no pictures I forgot my adapter

P.S. craziest thing.. Had a full rack of ribs, and an 8  oz sirloin steak with all i could drink pepsi, courtesy of a member this week, as well as a super expensive Korean meal with our Bishop. What a miracle. Oh and I rode a members bike! So that's about where we are in Hong Kong. I forgot how good red meat is haha-- 
   Elder Sargent

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