Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5/2 Prepare now for that day

What a week! With us moving to the Mong Kok apartment (we are both staying! 6 months together and I will hit my year mark with him!), and all the miracles we have seen, it has been a busy week. We as a companionship are well, quickly getting adjusted to the new place, health is well, we are sad we had to leave two of our best friends back in Kwai Fong, but are excited to get to know these Elders better. Elder Da talks to Elder H all day in Cebuano, and I think he enjoys being able to do that. As well, the new apartment was quite dirty, but Elder S (new trainee from SLC) and Elder Da took care of that real quick. We love the new place!
We as well have been praying for referrals and new investigators for two weeks now, and they all decided to show up in one week! The week before Elder Da's surgery. One the more special experiences teaching Bro. Y and preparing for his baptism.  Then had a couple walk in that have friends from Stanley who gave them a Book of Mormon and told them how to go to church come on Sunday, had so many great questions and participated, (Mr. C didn't even have a problem with being baptized again, having been previously Catholic). They are very prepared and will be back next week. As well several new turnovers pending and our investigators have as well been doing amazing. The Lord hears our prayers. We repented for not desiring enough, and covenanted we would do all we could to see more of His children to the waters of baptism and He heard our pleas. Brother P as well is looking good for his baptismal date this month. 
 The Zone as a whole is well, everyone got transferred smoothly, and we as zone leadership have got everything planned and ready to go. 
My thoughts on the week: You may be wondering who Brother Y is, his wife is a stalwart member in our ward and his son is a member in Tuen Mun. He has always been against the church and criticized his family for it, and doesn't believe in God. Last week he entered the hospital sick, and found out he had cancer. Soon, as well, found out he has a very short amount of time left on this earth. In his perilous circumstance, he was humbled and the Holy Ghost was finally able to enter his heart, as he let it, to confirm the truths his wife and son had been trying to teach him for years. He is a changed man. He now loves us missionaries and we have had the opportunity to teach him all the lessons in a period of a few days. Now this week, we will have to transfer his poor, broken body, to a font to perform the ordinance that he yearns and asks for all day. All he talks about when we visit is his eternal family. All of it relates to his eternal family. Being baptized like his grandchildren and living with them and his parents and his wife. Everything we taught, in his mind related to HIS eternal family, whether he is baptized here or there it doesn't matter, but he gets his wish. I compared the two people now that I know that have had cancer in their last moments. One, his dying wish, to live with his family, life full of regrets and he rests in uncomfort, not knowing how it will work out. He can't eat, drink or hardly talk. He is making it pretty last minute. The other, similar, but not the same. Physical body, broken, frail, and destroyed by the effects of the mortal earth and the situations we must work through, but spiritually prepared and ready. Prepared and understanding to her situation. She knew she had done it all. It was her time. Brothers and sisters. Prepare for that day. Let us not have regrets when we see the Father, kneel at the Sons knees and beg for forgiveness. 
I love this work and am looking forward to a very exciting week with MLC, Elder D's surgery, Stake correlation, Brother Y's baptism and much much more! 

Love, Elder Sargent

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