Monday, May 23, 2016

5/23 Consider me the most blessed

Touring Central last week

Cool frog. There were hundreds of them at the park where we did comp study waiting for a lesson

Well how to describe this week and my feelings. No time whatsoever. I think I did language study 2.5 times, companion 4 or 5 times. Just had so much come up, Zone Leader responsibilities, members needing help, or other such things. I just feel so blessed. On the language basis, having had the situations I have had, with kind of really just having to learn on my own on transfer two, then step training transfer 3, as well as district leader, to now, I just glory in my God who has enabled me to communicate with these people. My language isn't that great, but that I can do what I can do is just a testament that God is watching out over His missionaries and this work will progress, no matter how slow of learners his tools are. Elder Da and I have come to the conclusion that we are the most blessed missionaries in the world. We have loved serving together so far and hope to continue to serve together, and love the close relationship we have with the ward. I love it. As well, we have really felt blessed this week as things have continued to explode. Although we have had extremely limited time, and we lost several investigators (turnovers and lost contact with them traveling or new phones), all those that we still have are progressing so well, and all came to church! We have felt like we have worked so hard these past months, maintained the faith and the attitude of joy, with the mindset that the Lord will work it out. We have been praying so hard for our area, to have a baptism, to get the ward excited about the work again, to grow. With the addition of the Ting family, an absolutely golden couple, we as an area are looking at pressing forward with faith for 5 baptisms this upcoming month of June. Brother P's baptism will have to be bumped back a week at the request of Bishop K, so that will put P P, the sisters investigator S, and Brother Ch at the beginning of the month, then followed by the T family and C H at the end. Elder Da and I are just praying hard and moving forward. They will do it and we are excited for a great month. :) Oh, as well, we met a great members husband on Friday. We took our Elders Quorum President and it was great. The wife admits he is golden and prepared, pretty much a member already, but she won't push or encourage him at all. He is 30+ and a banker in Central. Great guy, born in England actually, so his English is almost perfect, just an English accent. ;) 
As a companionship, we are working hard, always striving to be better. Right now we are just living on air with the opportunities we are having even though sometimes we feel like we could do better. Working on improving our calls as well as our teaching capabilities. Elder Da's jaw is great. No problems, just on PT now. 
Alma 26, that's the chapter that I seem to have been able to study for several days for an hour and just keep getting revelation poured out upon me. Glory in our God for what He has given us. That is what gratitude is, it leads us to be happy, brothers and sisters, have we not reason to rejoice?
Well I am headed fishing. First time ripping lips for a while so we will see how it goes. Elder M and Elder C go to America soon, Elder C to Eugene, Oregon and Elder M home to Arizona. Going to miss them both. Elder M is an outdoors guy so we figured we would go do what we do best. Elder Da said he will cook them up. 
You can take the Elder out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the Elder. YEEE YEEE.
Elder Sargent

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