Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5/16 Two NEW Stakes!

Time flies. It was another great week! Absolutely loved it. It was a surprisingly interesting week, I feel like Satan has his hand in the work to slow it down. We had several lessons not show up, P P had some major problems and wouldn't see us, A-Y got a new phone and we don't have his new number…..it has been a rough one, but we kept a smile the whole time and things are working out! We met P P's whole family on Sunday night and taught a lesson.  We went through the baptismal questions and both parents really had something to say about the word of wisdom, especially tea. So that made for an interesting portion of the lesson. The new investigator Brother C is doing great. He has attended church 3 weeks in a row. We still haven't settled into meeting and teaching, but he has asked about baptism several times and even with the members. We are eating dinner with him and a member family tonight, should happen then. Things are going great. We have met several of the male teenage youth, particularly two who are less-active or semi-active. Both have a ton of questions and really need help, it was kind of heart breaking to see how bad they are struggling and what lapses in faith they have had, but we are working through it with them. Both will do missions, I can see it!! They are on the return. 
In other news, at the regional conference they announced the stake split! We will be going from 4 cantonese stakes in HK to 6!!!! Adding the Lion's Rock Stake, and then Kowloon East and West. The work is hastening, looking forward to having a smaller zone. Sorry it's short today, I find there is 0 time in the day.
   Elder Sargent

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