Monday, May 9, 2016

5/9 Explosion...enjoyably crazy!

Baptism for one of my best friends of 7 months, from Tung Chung
Last District meeting KC

Surgery went well for Elder Da - Hospital was in a beautiful location

Bro Y passed away
What a week! So much happened. I thoroughly enjoyed MLC, learned so much, as well, can't wait to take it back and implement it into the Zone. I don't know how this week was so... enjoyably crazy! I look back and just see the Lord's hand supporting me every day. Giving me energy to continue, to overcome all the stress, to stay happy. With all the meetings, Elder Daplin's surgery, and trying to maintain our area with its needs, I can't believe it worked out. I loved every minute of it. It was a tough week teaching, not knowing about Saturday or Sunday, and then all the time in between, but we were still able to accomplish some stuff.
The area is great and exploding! Chris introduced us to his girlfriend on Thursday, they came to church and are both doing super well (the sisters took her from Sunday), our new couple that some members in Stanley sent, Amy and others. The Lord has really answered so many of our prayers. I am really trying to change my view of some of the things I do, relative to an Elder Bednar talk on the Atonement. Not asking for more investigators to have progress, but to have the ability to help the ones we have now progress, or have the discernment to know which members are prepared to do the work. They are doing so well. 
Elder Da is doing well, back on the mend, really wants to get eating rice and other stuff again, really doesn't want to eat soft stuff, so that's been tough, but we are all glad to have him back. He is feeling great. Elder K (the new Zone Leader) is doing well, he feels extremely stressed, it is a center of what he talks about at night haha we have some fun conversations. Things are coming. 
One of the biggest miracles, my best friend A P from Tung Chung was baptized yesterday! I have been praying for that day for 7 months. I can't believe it. I love them so much. That family means so much to me. I hope and can't wait to see the day that they are ALL sealed in the temple. I firmly believe it will happen.
I loved seeing my family today! TO everyone that reads this, my Mom is the best mom out there. She loves and supports me and all of us. She defines mind, might, heart, and strength to the work. I love my beautiful mother so much. I hope to find one like her one day (but for now... heart locked ;)) She has a love for us as her family as close to the Savior's love as love can get. Selfless and determined, a spirit that desires others needs before her own. I love you mom!

   Elder Sargent

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