Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6/06 The work is progressing in Hong Kong!

My buddy J from Beijing that got married in Kowloon this week, got to know him pretty good seeing him for a few days! haha He doesn't know cantonese, but does know english from his mission in New York a few years back.

Another good week! I have been so happy and beyond grateful for what the Lord has bestowed upon our little ward in Cheung Sha Wan. I really have pondered hard as to the why and how it's happened. Why now? Why all the sudden has all this come up? We all of the sudden have more people to work with than we can handle. We have been working hard for almost 6 months together. The more I have pondered and thought  about it, the more I have come to realize why, or maybe why I think. I firmly don't believe its anything I did, and to me I think it's the ward. After really thinking and praying and studying member work recently, it often talks about how the Lord won't send His children to unprepared wards, Pres. Hinckley talked about that often. There is no point in sending them somewhere that they can't be used or to someone unready. Our ward recently is just bursting at the seams, ready to go to serve and do the work. On Sunday I felt just so overwhelmed with 6 investigators we are teaching at church, and then 3 more people that just showed up that needed help, one of them is rescheduled and lives in our area. The other two live in Kowloom Bay, but don't want to go there, so we will meet with them to explain more thoroughly. It was interesting to hear a member tell another member from another ward, "We didn't use to have any investigators, but now all the sudden we have SO MANY!" Makes me so happy that they are excited. Honestly, we were teaching the same amount 4 months ago, just everyone we are teaching now is progressing and there are people we could be working with, we just don't have time. So we talked to Bro. F and some of the members who are fellowshipping these people, and worked out that they will just be their missionary pretty much. Schedule and follow up on commitments and we as the missionaries will just do the teaching, which is how it should be, really. We are just seeing so many miracles every day, it's amazing. I rejoice in my God. So grateful He is blessing our ward so. 
As well is was a good meeting with the Stake Split! Sad to hear we lost our Bishop Kwok to the Stake Presidency, but glad we get Pres. Tsang back to the ward and are excited to see who the new Bishop is. The work is progressing in Hong Kong and no one can stop it. Our 4 Canto Stakes got split into 6 yesterday. We are in the new Lions Rock Stake! Cheung Sha Wan, Sham Shui Po, Sha Tin, Dai Wai, and Ngau Tau Kok. As well, Kowloon is the stake center now. :) China is doing well.
I love this work. I love my area, my companion. I love being a missionary.
 Love Elder Sargent
On another note, after some prodding from President L at MLC, I went to accupuncture. I had to go twice, and I will never go back in this lifetime. Needles in my lower back, rear end, thigh, back of knee, and calf. Followed by a most painful and violating massage of all covered regions. To all who have considered it, I would challenge you to reconsider. haha not worth it.
   Elder Sargent

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