Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6/13 Still a special couple of weeks

Still been a special couple of weeks. Last week was amazing! Met 5 new people, and hopefully will continue to be able to meet them. Brother NT is doing great, things are looking good for the 26th. He has had some change in getting over his traditional Chinese way of thinking, and had some good time spent with a member who is very familiar with Buddhism. Brother C "The Fisherman" is doing well, we had to move his date to the 3rd of July due to his traveling to Thailand these next two weeks. However, he is doing very well. Good progression and things are clicking. Brother P, doing ok, was not at church on Sunday, not sure why, he didn't answer his phone. I think he just might need some more time. As well picked up a lot of younger adult investigators this week. A is a very solid member referral that has very large interest and is looking for faith. J is a very religious younger guy who is very interested in what we have to offer. Perhaps some of my favorites are M, S, and F. One of our young men that I am pretty good friends with brought them to the church last week, and so we taught them English for a while, then had another lesson, then went back and taught them the Restoration and prayer. Two of them prayed that night! J (the member) said it was fun. I think this came to be more of a miracle that I thought. Sister L (his mom) talked to me about it after church. She said he has been struggling and really needs some help. We talked about how this can help him and she was so grateful. I hope things can turn out for these boys (15-17). It has been amazing. We are looking forward to a new Bishop this week, because right now we aren't sure who to talk to for these upcoming baptisms and some reactivations. So that will be nice. We, as an area, are doing well.

The Zone is kind of leveled out in some areas right now. Doing good, but we could be doing better. The Kwai Chung area is a little disheartened to be losing Elders (Elder S is moving to Tsing Yi and Elder Ch is going to the MTC) There are too many miracles to report! Elders Ts. W got a couple loved investigators back which has boosted their spirits, the Sisters KLC have just kicked it off this week and there is good work going on in the TST area as usual! It's been a fun summer so far and it's looking up. Kind of a small tidbit of the Zone for ya.

There is no adequate replacement for hard work. So let's just get down and do it. :)

Love, Elder Sargent

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