Monday, June 27, 2016

6/20 Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day! To Dad, Thank you for being such a great role model for me. You are such a great father to me in my life. I love your caring hand so much. You support, you teach, and you love. You really have taught me so much that I will carry through out my life. I have really come to be so much more grateful for all the role models in my life. The men I truly look up to. I love my Dad so much. I have so much respect for all the things he has done for me and my family. I wish to at least be a speck on his shirt as to the kind of man he is. Words cannot describe the love and devotion I have to him. Those words go out to my Father in Heaven as well. On my mission I have truly seen what He has done for me. All the time nurturing and helping me along, so many of the times that I didn't even know He was there. I feel like the most blessed individual.

The area is flourishing. Things are going so well. Brother C (The Fisherman) is still not back from Thailand, but we are looking forward to having him back this week and getting things back on the road again. Brother Ting is doing amazing! So powerful and dedicated. We had him ready before his baptismal interview, and were still having some issues about Prophets. He was having some issues with President Thomas S. Monson.  He believes all the others are prophets for sure, however, President Monson looks to him like a CEO money kind of guy (louhsaai... not sure english translation). Mainlanders are that way.  He had a really hard time, but we thought things were doing better then had the interview scheduled. After an hour, he and Elder C emerged, they didn't get past the prophet question. Lesson learned, make sure they are completely ready before you send them in. Luckily it was the all powerful Brother T, and it didn't faze him. In fact, the miracle of the week, came on Sunday, when after church we were talking about prophets (even Joseph Smiths murder at Carthage), and he told us he knew. He watched two conference talks and (even though it's some other mans voice) he knew through the power of the Holy Ghost that he is a prophet. Then we went back through the questions to make sure no other problems had come up. We are so happy for him! As well, Brother P has his interview on Wednesday and has voiced a lot that he really just wants to get baptized. So we will see how it goes this week. A, another 19 year old investigator is making good progress, and hopefully we can get things moving to a date and such. 

As a Zone, things are getting figured out. Oh, that was this week! Our Zones got split up to the new stake boundaries. So my zone grabbed 3 parts of other zones. and now down to 20 people. Pretty nice. Elder P (new ZL comp) is so powerful, fun, and hardworking. It should be fun working with him. As well, it will be nice being able to do Language Evaluations every week with the zone. Get to know the missionaries better. Should be great. Glad to grab parts of three previous zones, kind of get a chance to start new. 

My thought recently as I have read and listened to several quite powerful talks that have basically just smashed me, Lessons Learned at Liberty Jail, and The Bitter Cup and Bloody Baptism, both by Elder Holland. I have really learned to try and see the eternal view of life. What is the eternal view? I think a lot of missionaries see the short time view of the baptismal font, but that's not success. I feel like we as missionaries need a much stronger view of the long term vision to be able to incorporate and more capably conduct the work that has to be done before the temple. So that is one of the goals I have that I would love to start getting into the work in the Lions Rock Zone. 

I end how I started. I am so grateful for my Father on this Earth and the one in Heaven. I am so grateful for both my Grand-dads as well. They have been so good to me. I love you all!

My Favorite quote from the week. Think about it.

Mans Extremity is Gods Opportunity.

Love from CHKM Elder Sargent

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