Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27 Shell Shock

Baptism of Brother T.  With Elder D President and Sister Lam

Bishop and the Crew

Goodbye to the Holbrook's

Goodbye Elder C, the other ZL, we will miss you

The two chums

Dinner with Brother Y's family after his funeral

zone leadership after last zone conference

Well where to begin! This was very possibly the biggest week so far of my mission. Miracles left and right, and above us and behind, as well. This week was great fun. A made it to the English Branch in Wan Chai on his own accord on Friday.  He said it was didactic (not sure what that means)! Also, come to find out, his girlfriend is a LA from Tsuen Wan, so hopefully we can help them both get things going and get them turned over this week. Aa (20) is just amazing, several members thought he was just from another ward visiting these past two weeks. He also set a very strong baptismal date for the beginning of August. Him and A-C doing well together. Joey is doing great, made a great scene leaving sacrament that I would have to act out to give justice. Brother C Y H is also making good ground, much of it being in his personal life, giving him the opportunity to do more on the gospel side. As well, he informed us that he is reading and praying every day! M and her husband Brother C came to church for the second time, as well, and brought a friend and her daughter. All four of them are just so prepared! The daughter T (10) asked questions all Primary and then the Primary President came up to me and asked about her and begged to let her stay. Brother C's previous gospel knowledge is immense and is quite powerful at explaining the Atonement. All four will need to be turned over to Sham Shui Po, and Tsim Sha Tsui in the coming week. A-Y also pulled an amazing miracle! From the day we met him, even though he is 30, his biggest problem has been his mother. He has been too scared to tell her much about the church and so he never would come, only here and there. However, this second time around seeing him, and after a powerful lesson last week with Brother L where we set a baptismal date, he brought his mom to church today! I couldn't believe it. I was so happy for him. She doesn't necessarily have any interest yet, but this should help him be able to come to church much easier now. Then the powerful Brother T. He and his best buddy fellow-shipper, unfortunately, slept through the last 15-20 minutes of sacrament meeting (snoring moderately loud at that), but he is doing so well. His baptism was such a success, and it was just as great to have his wife there who is progressing as well, though it be slowly. I was kind of nervous to be honest. The night before we met to discuss the baptism and teach about the temple, and Brother Y (the fellow-shipper) just unloaded all of Doctrine and Covenants sections 130-134 on him. I mean everything, things that maybe shouldn't be talked about outside the temple, the levels of the Celestial kingdom, all 9 yards. We tried to stop him several times, but he just kept plowing over. Brother Y is very passionate about the temple, but Brother Ting seemed to handle it all ok. Things are well. 
It has really been so much fun and felt so good to see the other members just pick on to the spirit and envelop these people. So many have talked to me about how good they feel the ward is doing and about how amazing it is to have so many new friends at church. Many have mentioned in our small time how much they love having missionaries that are more people, not robots. They can see, or at least feel, the push in the work for missionaries to become part of the ward and not just an entity. So much time here is really coming to pay off with members letting us meet family, and other investigators being able to transition more smoothly. I have loved my time here so much. I  love the members here. With the up coming moves calls, I will admit I am trying not to think about it, but I am so grateful for my time here in one of the most blessed places on earth. I wish never to leave. 
As far as our companionship is doing, things are well. We have continued to discuss how we can improve ourselves and the area. I love Elder Da so much. He is so loving and caring. Tough and hardworking. I have been a blessed Elder to get to live with him for 6 months. Maybe I will get lucky and get some more. 

I love being a missionary! 
Love Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart 

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