Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/12 Faith unto Repentance

Good week, not much time to write sorry! This week we missed out on just about everyone because they were all out of town for some reason. So lots more time for Elder R and I to find more investigators, who all happened to live outside our area... haha but hey its good to support the work! It's all the same work right? My thought from MLC the kind of revelation I got was relative to Alma 34, faith unto repentance, and 2 Nephi 4. We read from Alma, that as we have faith we will repent, therefore, the more faith the more repentance, however at first this doesn't make sense to me. The most faithful should have the least to repent about. Kind of contradicting right? Then reading in Nephi, this man of so much faith, proceeds to write a whole chapter that outlines the real meaning of Alma's words. Seeking to be better, righting wrongs and constantly looking for the higher road. I took this as a good check for myself, when I feel like my faith is well, how is my repentance? Does it sow the same thing? Pretty cool thought and teaching from the prophets of old. Love you all! Sorry for the short thought!!

   Elder Sargent

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