Sunday, September 25, 2016

9/17 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

 Ate more Mooncakes than I can count this week. If you don't know what that is google it. This week and this holiday is pretty much Christmas in China, it is a big holiday rich with tradition and cool things. Unfortunate part is mooncakes are super unhealthy. Oh well. :) 
We witnessed so many miracles this week! The Lord was testing us. This week we were able to see V at church again! He is an Atheist who told me he has been feeling God's love as he has been reading the scriptures and praying! We got him all by himself after church to see how he was doing. Now that his hob has slowed down with elections being over, he can come to church more and hopefully we can get a little more serious. As well Brother L from mainland also showed up, and he said the same thing Victor said! A testament that God lives and the Book of Mormon is true? That was also very encouraging. Two people making their progression. Them and the Lord. God is real and He is looking out for every one of His children. We also met with several new investigators and potentials this week, we have a lot of younger YSA, YM potentials and new investigators right now, and hopefully we can keep working with them and get them to their respective areas. So it was a slower week, but we are looking up to this coming week with a lot scheduled already. High hopes!! Seeking for referrals (Bro C brought his girlfriend to church!) and to assist the ward leadership in carrying out the work. 
Miracle and awesome General Conference level story: Brother T hasn't had a steady job since he has come to Hong Kong, but two weeks ago he had a long time school mate give him a job just over the border in Mainland. Well it includes a place to stay, and a month of free time before he really starts. Awesome, right? Gets better. During the Mid Autumn festival this week, his friend invites him to a big celebration with all these business people, and there is a lot of tea and alcohol, traditional to Mainland Chinese culture. Well he denies the tea and alcohol at the beginning when they are just chatting, to which he said his boss friend wasn't too pleased, but then came the real challenge. After dinner they pass around a cup (or bottle?) of wine and everyone drinks. This is after he has caught some flack for being a "Mormon." Bottle comes to him and he denies it! And they tell him to drink and he said he passed it on again!!! He is such a good example to me of humility and faith. He is amazing and I love him so much. A gave a great talk yesterday at sacrament and K got the priesthood, as well. Things are doing well, even C is finishing his papers here soon. I love this ward! 
Oh and a note, the missionary book was a hit at Ward Council, they loved it and we have it all done now. Excited to start visiting families and help them with home teaching and sharing the gospel. 
I love this work with all my heart! I love this area and the amazing faithful members and lifelong friends I have made here. I under appreciate them some times, just a I did many of you probably. The Church is true, it is the boat, the organization in which God has given us to return to Him one day. He is in charge. I love the truth and am glad for the parents I have the the family I have to raise me in it.  
Shout out to the best mother in the world! Last year I think I said she is turning 25, but I had a math error and she is actually turning 25 this year! So tell her congrats on the 21st! She makes 25 look young! I love my mom and am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ I learned at her feet. The things she taught me through not only word, but also action. Her deeds and her example lead me through so much. I love  you mom!!
have a great week!

Love, Elder Sargent

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