Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/5 A family!

zone conference
B's Birthday

The work is Cheung Sha Wan has been good. This week was busy, with Zone Conference, Transfers and all that went on this week was a blur. We have noticed in the area, we feel like what we have is moving very well, and that we have some great potential for the upcoming months, but also want to keep moving some more through. Several investigators that weren't really progressing these past two weeks, due to how busy we have been, have kind of just dropped off, which might be ok, let them use their agency. So meanwhile, we are working to find some more new faces and find the elect. And we did that this week!! Picked up a new family, which is difficult in Hong Kong. They are formers from several years ago. The husband actually passed his interview, but things came up and he wasn't baptized. They say they feel a lot more prepared this time, their son is much older and they said they are here to stay. They live in Sham Shui Po, drive, and even mentioned they would like to move to Utah when D, the son, goes to High School. They still have several connections in the church and many of the members still remembered them. Answer to prayers? Yes. I love teaching families more that just about anything in the world. So we are excited for F, D, and P! We also were able to see a member referral again this week, Felix, one of the YM's friend. We are working well with the YM and have been seeing good progress there. Growing well. Should have 4 more missionaries go out from our ward in the next 6 months. That's pretty good for a ward of 80. I am so happy that while it might be a little slow sometimes, everyone is progressing. Doing so well.
We had Zone Conference, and I did get quite a bit of revelation pertaining to how I need to do better in my teaching, and tapping into the Spirit. Sometimes I feel like I try to tell the Spirit what to testify of to the investigator, when I should be doing a better job of testifying of what the Spirit wants me to testify of. I came away edified. Felt like it was good, I feel like we as missionaries need to be better at always bearing testimony of Christ though. We can testify at any time. Never forget.
I am pretty excited to see what this new turn up in the areas and leadership can do. I know all of them actually pretty well, so that will be a great experience. I am excited to keep serving as Zone Leader. Hope to continue to set a higher standard. Raise the Bar. That's what I would like to do: Sacrifice, utilize the atonement to power us, push harder and do more. I love this work. I am grateful for the priesthood and the keys on earth. I know the Savior lives. He loves me, He knows my struggles and my weakness's. He is the Light and the Life of the World. I am one of the most blessed people to be able to do this work. 

   Elder Sargent

P.S.  My personal miracle, I was 100% sure I had a decent sized cavity in my tooth for the past two months, and I have been pretty nervous about it. I hate the dentist office like nothing else. Just saying, nothing personal to dentists, but I fear them. So I have been praying for a miracle. We finally go to the dentist, and.... I don't have anything! (and Elder R did!) The hole I had felt was gone when we left. Wow.

Pictures are of B's birthday and Pday fun.  Also, Zone Conference training. 

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