Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9/26 There is your treasure

Sister Y made a birthday cake for Daniel and me.  It was SO GOOD!

It has been a good week. As far as the area, things are a little slow, we have a ton of people just right on the edge of progressing at church, just need to get them there, and honestly, meet them a little more. We have quite a few referrals that haven't started taking it seriously, which could very well be our fault. We are repenting of our scheduling skills most recently.
It was super fun yesterday to have Sis. Y (the ones that visited our family) have a cake for D and I after church. Real thick cake. Oh man it was good. Fun day at church. 
Had interviews with President L this week.  It was an amazing 20 minutes with him. It always comforts me to know that a man who holds keys runs this place. I didn't even really have to say my questions for him to answer me. I walked away feeling so much better, humbled, and with a list of things I want to do better. I have a long way to go and a short time to get there. Life is short.
I just want to say again how much I love this work. "Where our treasure is, there will our heart be also." (Matthew?) I love my mission and this gospel. I loved hearing about others missions, and such, back home, as well. If we as individuals treasure this gospel as much as we say we do, there will our heart be also. Preaching the love of God. I am grateful to have heard that testimony from my mother and my father and those who surrounded me, I know where their treasure is. There are a lot of people around us who need to hear our testimonies. RM's, potential missionaries surround you. We hear about how much missions changed us, but don't often hear the how. "A candle that is lit on a hill cannot be hid." It is my invitation to share that treasure with others. It is of the fountain that floweth freely that all men shall partake. I love this Gospel. Christ lives and he IS my Redeemer. I love Him with all my heart. I am so grateful for this experience.
Love you all! Thanks so many for the birthday wishes!

   Elder Sargent

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