Monday, October 3, 2016

10/3 Mission Calls!

Where to start? Well things are chugging along. We are still working a lot with the young men, and a couple of their friends. Seeing good progress and improvement. Lots of good potential, the only hard part has been scheduling them. Tends to be pretty hit and miss. There are some other good people coming, the Hwa family came yesterday, and we had no idea they arrived! They even went to Primary, the ward just took care of them. So that was a miracle and definitely something to be grateful for out here. As well Brother W was there, and we were able to schedule him for this weekend! Seeing some more good ground.
Had a good exchange with Elder W this week. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I went to their area, and Elder G went to mine. We had some good discussion time, and teaching time, I learned a lot. I came away with the fact that I need to minister more to not only the Zone, but to my companion and those around me. I love people, taking that passion and lifting more. That's the idea.
Fun note, N from Tung Chung almost has his papers in, and we had three calls in our ward this week! (Hawaii, Australia, and D Y got called to England!).
It's been a good week. More than excited for conference this weekend, pretty jealous of everyone who has already seen it. I hear the cold is coming in, everyone start chopping the wood and get ready!! Winter fires are the best!
Oh ya and super fun Birthday this week. I don't feel much older.. I don't think time has effect anymore... Love you all!!

   Elder Sargent

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