Friday, October 14, 2016

10/10 Take and Apply

We are getting back in the saddle! It's been a little slow these past few weeks, but we are getting ourselves off the ground and back into the saddle. Picked up a couple new investigators this past week and hope to continue to work with the several member referral investigators we have right now. We are on a really good level with the ward, and Elder R is really getting to know them better which is good, it has been pretty slow that way. I think things are going in a good direction and we just need to keep pushing it along. Still a lot of work with the young men. We love that and all of them are catching the vision. The YM President is working with them and planning even more activities and the Bishop as well even told us he was considering another calling with the YM. We have discussed and really, for the most part, all the active people in our ward were baptized in their youth up to 25 years old. Lots of potential there. So we are excited working there, as well will pick up a few new LA members to work with here soon. 
Today we went on our ward travel to Kam Tin, very good opportunity to work with the members, and even though I got absolutely fried, we were able to walk (or crawl) away with success. It was a good time for the CSW team. 
The Zone is coming along! Pretty bummed, but it will work out. Trying to cram and get this ZTM ready for tomorrow, with all of the great things said in Conference I don't know what more we could add. It's just time to put our shoulder to the plow, with more force than ever. Forget it all and go to work. Like the time my dad and I rode into Wyoming at 1 in the morning by just the light of the moon on horse back. Nose down, focus on what matters and let everything else go, to be worried about when it's light. 
Myself doing beyond well with the recent General Conference, learned so much, wish I could just memorize it all and apply. So much about missionary work and even a lot about the missionary lessons.
Lots coming and miracles to come.
I am fried. haha

   Elder Sargent

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