Sunday, October 30, 2016

10/26 Of Mission Tour, Miracles and a BIG Typhoon

Zone Conference

member visits

member visits

Mission Tour lunch 

Biking on PDay

Hiking Lion's Rock

Where to start? So good! The area is doing great. We got stuck inside for two days because of the typhoon, but that didn't slow us down! Elder R and I have been getting around to so many members homes to visit, share message and continue to stir the pot of missionary enthusiasm. We have been staking around our Member missionary book and it has been seeing great success. Pretty excited. The members are just thriving and doing the work themselves, I feel like many of the members are seeing the work in the youth right now, and because it's not as involved with them, they are more ready and want to put work into their areas of service. V is doing well, still only comes every other week, but we asked him about a baptismal date this week, and I think he is going to take it a little more serious. With the stake wide baptismal goal and date on the 17th we hope to be able to get a few people prepared for it. As well with Elder Wong's counsel from this week, I do believe with all my heart we can double the baptisms. We just have to see the vision and grab it. There is no time to waste. It is the counsel from the servant with the keys. "We do not say How, or What, or Why, we say Why not?" I love those words from President Kimball. It's the time to do more. Hopefully, not just the Zone, but the mission, and the church in Hong Kong will catch the vision. Then next year we can double it again. I heard word of my dad and little brother working with a couple Korean families back home, and the miracles they are seeing, even though they are dedicated Baptist's the miracles of conference softened hearts and they are hearing lessons. The work will go forth, whether or not we are on the ship. 
We saw miracles amidst the typhoon, being able to see F and S twice. The first time being able to see them with the Bishop. F taught the whole Plan of Salvation to Samuel with CL (member) after hearing it once, because of an analogy we taught with. He taught it so well I was so surprised and I think Bishop was too, haha. They are learning so fast. As well, really loved church on Sunday. To the point that they are bringing another friend that wants to come this next week. As well, A-F is coming along, it is really different teaching someone who knows nothing about Christ or God. Coming slow, but he likes it and is willing. With another YM investigator we found, we will probably have 5 YM investigators at church. It is amazing. Hopefully we can prepare a few of them for the Christmas Baptismal service. Keep them active and at church and then ship them off on missions, get them strong to be future pillars in the church here in Hong Kong. 
So all in all, we are loving it here. I love my Cheung Sha Wan family, never want to leave. Developing lifelong friendships. 
As a companionship, things are going well. Really learned a lot serving with Elder R. Our unity is great and teaching is fun. We seek for the Spirit and are always seeking to do better. I sure do love it. I hope we can continue to strive for excellence and push for more. Both in the area and in ourselves. 
I as well hope the Zone can catch Elder Wongs vision from this week. Teach better, find smarter, baptize more.
I loved Mission Tour and learned so much! It got delayed 3 days and we almost didn't have it because of the typhoon, but Elder Wong came back to do it with the last three Zones and to have MLC. Taught so much, and I have never seen someone open up the scriptures like that. Lots of revelation. Time to apply.
Love Elder Sargent

Ever Stalwart 

   Elder Sargent

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