Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8/29 Moves Calls: My Chinese Family

Dim Sum birthday lunch for C

13 year old K

baptism day

K and his mother

soap cycling

YES! I am staying!! I am going on 10 months in this area, and I couldn't be more excited. These people are my Chinese family, and they treat me well. I love them so much. Elder R is also staying, so it should be another fun transfer. This week has been great! Fun week to see K get baptized and see his mother. He is surprisingly strong for a 13 year old. It has been so much fun to see how far he has come, which I wholly attribute to puberty. Since I have arrived in this area, he has gotten several inches taller, and much, much more heavy. On top of that, he has gotten so much more mature, but he is still a 13 year old. :) He wishes to go on a mission and so does his mother.  An committed to a baptismal date on the 1st of October which is awesome, his Bishop invited him to play the piano at church and he is hooked! He loves it. We finished teaching all the lessons last week, and he has continued to see the sisters in Tsuen Wan, so we should just be here to assist from now on. A-Y is the big news, he finished the Book of Mormon! In 8 months, started when I got here and finished last week. He admitted it was slow and hard at first, but that he enjoyed it more and more as it progressed. The work is progressing. We are working on moving some more investigators into the pool, and it is coming. We have a ton of potentials from the MTR (our finding there has been very successful) and we have seen several once and are waiting to see again. So it has been a good work.

As a companionship, we are working well together. I love Elder R so much! He is amazing. We are both learning a lot and progressing in Christ-like attributes. He, as well, seems to have sworn off English. Been pretty fun. He has always talked about how he feels like his Chinese is terrible when people ask if he understands, so he is just going off. He is a good example. I myself feel like things are going well. I am SO excited to stay and keep working here, help Elder R continue to get to know the ward better, and myself continue to progress those relationships. 

The Zone is going to be experiencing a lot of big changes! It should be good to get some new blood in some of those areas, and I think everyone seems pretty excited to keep working. The zone as a whole seems to be working hard for new investigators and with school starting up, it should be a different ball game. The faith is high and we are going to do it!! I love the faith and the love of these missionaries and their desire for the work. I love them all so much. I love the ward! I love this work! I just never want to lose the feeling I have now. The gospel is true, no matter how many times people try to tell me no, I will keep pushing! We WILL bring the world His truth. My grandpa always told me to not fight it, so I won't. Just give it all.

   Elder Sargent

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