Monday, August 1, 2016

8/1 Aaron!

the companionship post full day. 6 lessons, english class and party, and correlation. I was SO emotionally, spiritually and physically dead

Aaron is baptized!!! That is a super bonus of the week. What a week to add to that. I don't know where to start. We had dinner with Aaron this week at the Tsang and Chung families homes. This week seemed moderately slow to start, but picked up very fast at the end. The Sports Night activity has been a hit, as well as our children's English class on Saturday.  It has been garnishing a lot of potential. Both have had much success. Our correlator  wants to get other wards more involved, because we seem to put on a lot of the activities in the area.  
Aaron is doing great. He had 4 friends from mainland at the baptism, unfortunately that will be really hard to follow up on, but hopefully they had a good impression. It was also really cool to see Brother T get the priesthood yesterday, then pass the Sacrament after. He is doing well, but we really need to help him continue to understand the concepts. Not too complicated, but understand their importance. K is doing super well, both he and Aaron have mentioned missions which have been great, because we have been working hard with C doing mission prep. So hopefully we can get Aaron learning some more, and on a mission. K is only 13, so he still has some time. He is quite large, smart, and mature for his age so sometimes I forget how old he is, but he is making great steps, and will be baptized the month or next.  The ward is doing great work with these new members, I am really grateful for all they do. Making them feel welcome and at home. 
Tender Mercy of the week. An, our not fluent in any language investigator from Canada, brought his girlfriend to meet with us this week. Secrets out, she is a LA from like 10 years ago! Not only that, but she is so prepared to come back. At first, she didn't remember much about her baptism, or why she was baptized, but as the discussion progressed, she bore one of the sweetest testimonies I have heard on my mission about how it was all coming back. The feelings she has, and had had in this church. The past 6 years she has just been to a bunch of other churches and none of the others even compare to the feeling she has when she is here. She wants to come back. It was pretty touching. Such a miracle we ran into An. 
Should be another busy week, too many miracles to write. Lots of stuff going down. 
There are always people to share the gospel with, no matter who you are or where you live. Maybe its already a member who is struggling. Find them, and love them back.
I love you all!
Typhoon coming this week, should be fun!
   Elder Sargent

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