Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8/7 110%

Things are good on the frontier! Things are doing well. A was confirmed today, great blessing from the 1st couselor in the Elders Quorum, he is doing well, as well was called to receive the priesthood. Brother T got his temple recommend today which I am ecstatic for. The members love him, SM just told me how faithful and loving Brother T is and how they love having him in the ward. Best part, he still loves to wear sandals to church with his suit. We talked to SM as well this week (Bishop just barely got back into town this week) about the work, now that he is in the Bishopric and still the Elders Quorum President , it was very effective. Hopefully both A and Brother T will have callings next week.  A has still been leading our Gospel Principles class, just kind of because Brother F asks, but I love it. He is literally one of the elect, as is Brother T. They will both do great things. K is still making leaps and bounds. He called us this week to meet which was awesome. So hopefully we can meet the family and see his mother again. The rest of the area is doing well.  We have two really solid investigators from Mainland that actually keep coming down. They have a family member that's a member that comes to work in the temple, so they have come the last two weeks. Not really sure how to handle that, but the faith!!! They read and prayed every day this week. More of the elect. As for the rest of the area, A-Y is doing well.  Also started a thing every Sunday night/afternoon, eating with those Young Men or YSA who don't have anyone to be with, as well, reading together after (Scriptures and PMG is the goal). The idea behind it being to help these young men keep the Sabbath Day and to continue learning. It went so well last night! The fellowshipping was great, had a great time, even though after talking about 17 Miracles they were adamant we watch that, so we turned it on for them. It was a good turnout and response.
We are striving to continue to find the elect and gather them in the the garners, the stakes and units of the church. Miracles every week. Really working to keep our teaching pool vibrant and moving, teaching repentance and baptizing converts. Then following up and making sure they are at the temple. As well we are starting to work with others in the ward to strengthen them, by using the temple. It's next door to our ward building! We should all be going. It's closer now than it was in Utah, and that's saying something! That is where we find ALL the ordinances of salvation, that and continually going. That's another thing we are working on. I love the work and the joy it brings to all those who partake.
Elder R and I are doing great! We have had some great discussions this week and have really continued to bond. At first it was a really tight upper level relationship, and now I feel like it is a deeper, stronger relationship. I love him so much. We are striving for 110% obedience and facing the mark. No creep.
The zone is doing well, preparing for Zone training this week, Elder P and I will be giving a training on The Ordinances of Salvation, and working with the ward. The zone is very polar right now with areas that are doing very well, and others that are a little slower, and so the idea is that, in the busy areas, there is a downside that it's harder to be with and focus on the members, but in the slower areas, you have that time, which is necessary. So a blanket topic, to help those without a lot, work to strengthen the ward, thus building faith as well as preparing the hearts of the people to do the work. As well at the same time, we will be working with the members developing relationships and finding new people, LA's, referrals and part member families. There's lots to do. So we are looking forward to this week. 
The work is great! The field is white ready to harvest!

   Elder Sargent

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