Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8/22 C.O.N.V.E.R.S.I.O.N.

"The weeks go marching 1 by 1... not hurrah though." I can't believe how fast this transfer has gone. This last week was a good one! Miracles. An went to church with M in Tsuen Wan (apparently all the members just talked to them about eternal families, even the talks at sacrament were on the subject), which is great! It was the first time An has been to a Chinese ward. It probably pushed his Chinese a lot, but sounds like it went well. M was able to see her Bishop from so many years ago and some old friends. So that was a success. K passed his interview, and is gearing up for baptism this Sunday! He is doing super good, just very ready, pretty much a member already. Not too worried about him honestly. Sister Y was there as usual with Chi Yan and her son K. So good! K is super smart, and learns fast. He is almost 8 and is like a little brother. He always leaves his mom and Sister Cheng to come sit with me during church. So now that the members are really getting involved, they are making great steps. The area has quite a few people making great steps right now, but what we are trying to do now is keep the flow coming. We have been really tearing it up on the MTR recently. Elder R has spearheaded the English attack. Haha Talk to them in English first. Seems to work really well actually. We have been getting quite a few numbers and potentials out of it. So the area is flourishing. We are gathering the wheat into the garners. It has still been kind of lacking and a struggle working with ward leaders, some are out of town, the new Elders Quorum Presidency isn't very active, but it's all coming! People are starting to settle back down with school starting again. 
My cool thought that I wanted to share! This week we went to the Wan Chai Wednesday sacrament meeting in English. I will be honest, felt out of place. Our LA requested to go, because he can't get Sunday off and hasn't had the sacrament for years. Anyway, it was a spiritual boost in my mother tongue. One of the Sisters spoke on conversion, that prompted a lot of thought. And this is what came out. C.O.N.V.E.R.S.I.O.N.: C-Confidence in who I am, where I am from and what I am doing. Confident in my leaders and my God. O- Obedience to my sacred covenants, commandments and the mission rules set forth. 100% and with a good attitude. N-Noble, an understanding of my noble birthright and the calling I have to represent the Lord. V- Valiantly standing for what I believe. E-Eternal beings with a beginning and no end. That is the plan set forth. S-Strengthened by the Atonement of Christ. Feeling the forgiveness side as well as the knowledge we will live again (or service, both work..). I-I am loved by my Savior, and I love him too. O- Obligation, the two way pact with the Lord. I will do my part. N-Nothing, and fitting ending. I will leave nothing behind. Nothing can cause me to lose my faith, or my salvation, or my hope for a brighter future. I will leave nothing on the table. That's what conversion is. Almost. I fear sometimes we forget what really is at the center of conversion. R- Repentance. Without repentance, we are left with simple conversion, which has no meaning and leads in no direction. Only with repentance can we experience true conversion. That's my testimony and I want my investigators and family to know it.
I love this gospel!
Thanks for all you do. 
Love Elder Sargent.

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