Saturday, August 20, 2016

8/15 Cheung Sha Wan is doing well!


Cheung Sha Wan is doing well! This week was a little slower meeting with people, we found ourselves doing a lot of service (helping move the Wan Chai apartment with the office Elders, and soap cycling) , as well had a successful Zone training. K however is doing great! He took us to meet a friend and play basketball for a bit. We sat down after and started sharing a message about God. K is pretty mature for his age, didn't expect his friend to be as well. J, the friend, mentioned that he and some classmates (including K) had argued with their teacher that the Bible didn't seem to be complete and that his teachings had contradictions. Then we shared about the Book of Mormon and how he was right, that the Bible has a lot of truth, but is missing a few things and that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are able to support each other to answer our questions and give us a perfect gospel. He accepted it and in his prayer, prayed that this book would answer his questions. Did I mention they are both 13 years old? What 13 year old thinks about this out of the blue? The Lord is preparing people to hear the fullness of His gospel restored in these the latter days. A is doing great. He is a very amazing fellow shipper. Come to find out he has still kind of got his foot in the door, he told us he misses alcohol and smoking. It reminded me of a good friend who had the same problem. I told him about it, and we discussed that we can't walk away from the door, our old life, unless we take our foot out and not just walk, but run from that door. Just as my friend was eventually able to see. Only then can we have progress. He also got the priesthood and passed the sacrament today! A-Y was also at church yesterday and is doing quite well. He hopes to make his date of the 28th with K.

The area really is doing well, with lots of good potentials, we just need to be better at scheduling, there is a large differences in the weeks we schedule well and the weeks we don't. Able to see a lot more people. We have been doing a lot more sifting recently. Finding new investigators, working and allowing themselves to make ground. It is really helping us find more people capable of progressing right now, as well as letting them use their agency. Several people have just been showing up as far as Less Actives and Investigators, even Bro. Y decided to keep coming to church even though his son left. Big steps in the work. I like what a friend once told me, "The train is moving, not just moving but speeding up. We can't slow it down and we can't speed it up, but what we need to do is get on and get as many others as we can on it!" I believe it.

The Mainland baptism was so cool!!! I got the opportunity to baptize and confirm a Cantonese lady from Mainland (the others were Mandarin so the other Elders couldn't do it) and it was amazing. Again a spiritual uplift with the amazingly humble mainland people. Even though I didn't understand it all (the meeting was in Mandarin), I loved it, and felt the Gift of Tongues teaching me, and helping me to understand. 

Push on! I know Jesus Christ lives. I want to be better and shout out from the MTR that the fullness of the gospel is on the earth! I know this is the true and restored church today. It makes my blood warm and gives me goosebumps. I love it. I love my Savior. This is the fullness of times.

   Elder Sargent

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